Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I guess I spoke too soon!

I finally got shit on!! I didn't get any sleep last night thanks to Mr. kicking and kneeing the crap out of me last night. Bad dream, no?! Finally around 1 a.m. I kicked him out and made him go sleep on the couch. Peace at last, only to wake up what seemed like 30 min later, to C2 telling me to wake up and make breakfast. GRRRR.... I love you child, but seriously, don't little boys your age like to sleep in... just a little?!
I dreadfully pull myself out of bed, make breakfast, change Baby T, grab my coffee and start my day. That's when it all went down-friggin-hill!!! First thing I had to do was call the doc and get a refill for C2's meds with Baby T at my hip screaming his head off for no apparent reason. That was fun. Then I had to get started on my chicken for tonight's dinner. A whole chicken. This recipe (I'll be posting this on Menu Monday) called for a skinless whole chicken. Great. So there I am tearing in to this poor chicken's skin and ripping it off, gagging the entire time. It was sickening! However, I did get a great chuckle out of it because I called for the boys to come in the kitchen and have a look at our dinner. C1 thought it was awesome, but C2 was scared shitless of the bird! Ha ha!! I'm such a mean mommy ;)
About a half hour into prepping my chicken, C1 comes to notify me that C2 had locked the bathroom door and shut it. AHHH! On my way back to the bathroom, I stepped on what I thought was juice from a leaky sippy cup, only to get down close to it and see that it is the gel stuff from the inside of a diaper. Yes, Baby T pulled all the wet stuffing out of his diaper. Wiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Why me?!?
I get the door open, the get stuff vacuumed up, and get my chicken into the crockpot. As I'm cleaning up my disastrous, chicken fat smeared kitchen, I open the cabinet under the kitchen sink to get out some Clorox wipes, and my cabinet is full of stinky water! Forking sink is leaking everywhere! By this time I'm ready to rip all of my hair out and start screaming at the top of my lungs. I put in a call to the landlord only to find out that they *might* get here today, but it could possibly be Friday morning. Really?!? You WILL get here today, mmkay!!
Excuse me, gin? It's me, Madwoman.
...and all this happened before 10 a.m.

Tuesday, November 24, 2009


For someone who's life is routinely shit upon, I'm surprised that I've hardly had anything to say in the past 2 weeks. Things have been well! Since quitting that hell-hole, my stress level has come WAY down and thankfully, my bank account hasn't noticed that I've quit!
The boys have been keeping me busy and thanks to Thanksgiving break and the upcoming Christmas break, I imagine I'll be even more busy with them. We've got plenty to do though! This past weekend we went to my niece's birthday party held in St. Joe, MO, at the Ramada Inn Monkey Cove Waterpark, and it was a BLAST!!! Expensive, but a blast no-doubt! The 2 older boys rode down this huge 5 story tall water slide, waded in the lazy river, and played water basketball. Baby T stayed mostly in the "baby area" and played with a few other toddlers that were running around. He loved the water sprinkler and the mini slide, but was scared shitless of this ginormous bucket that filled up with water then dumped overhead! He definitely kept an eye on that bucket the whole time. There wasn't any way he was gonna let it dump all over him... that is until I picked him up and went and stood under it just for shits and! Ah, he got so mad at me! Later on that night we had a major pillow fight and pigged out on some pizza. Twas a great, great night.
Now, it's time to talk turkey to me. Thanksgiving, what a wonderful holiday you are. So much heavenly goodness to indulge in.... I can't wait! My step-father has mastered the deep fried turkey, mom's stuffing NEVER disappoints, and you can't forget about the oh-so-loved canned cranberry sauce. YUMMO!!!! Seriously. Can't. Wait! This year I'll be contributing a fruit salad. My late Grandmother used to make a delicious fruit salad but we never got her recipe before she passed. We've tried every fruit salad under the sun but to no avail... until last Thanksgiving. I had stumbled across a recipe on Food Network, and decided to give it a try. Success at last! So now, I've been blessed to step into Grandma's shoes and take her place as the fruit salad maker. I'll be posting the recipe on Menu Monday soon!
Speaking of Menu Monday, I'll be changing it up a bit. As a mother of 3 rambunctious little boys, it's kinda hard to keep up with this blog, let alone 2 blogs! So, from now on I'll only be posting recipes that seem worthy enough. Mmmkay?!
Well hell's bells, it's my show time, and I get very cranky if I have to miss a show. Childbirth didn't even get in the way of me watching my show. That's how dedicated I am to a fantasy life of mobsters, crime, sexy men, and whore-ific women :)
Until next time...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

Free at last!

Free of the job that is! This is my 1st jobless weekend, and I plan on doing absolutely nothing. It feels so nice to be able to relax and not have to cram a whole days worth of work into 6 measly little hours before slumping off to the shower, getting ready for work, cursing the whole drive there, then painfully pressing the "clock-in" button. Nothin beats going to a job where you slave to give people whatever they want, only to get bitched at every other minute, then get bitched out by the manager because the food wasn't right (totally the kitchens fault!) or whatever the hell their problem was... It was an endless cycle that I finally shot dead in its tracks.

However, I will forever miss the (few) wonderful people that I worked with. I highly doubt I will stay in contact with them, besides on Facebook. (ok, maybe 2 or 3 of them) This was my 1st job in a whole new town where I know nobody, so these are the only friends I have/had! :(

Sometime after the holidays, I'll go get some sort of formal training and get a better job. Even though I don't really have to work, I feel the need to help out now, and I can only be a SAHM for so long til Baby T goes to school. I feel bad that Mr. is out there for sometimes 12hrs a day doing back-breaking work to be able to pay all the bills. Not fair. At all. I've got a few more things to get in order, then hopefully I'll have enough money to go back to school soon. Til then, I'm still putting all my faith in my weekly lotto ticket...

Friday, November 6, 2009

He smells like wahhhh?!?!?

GRRR!! This whole daylight savings thing has me all screwed up!! It took only a week for me to make my first goof-up... I turned off the alarm and slept in, causing the boys to miss the bus. It was cool though because we live only 6 blocks away from the school, so I was able to drive them.

Now to the funny part.

I drop them off and on my way out to the car, I was cut off by the school Social Worker. Like, really cut off! She gives me the stink eye, then said "Mrs. Wilcox, we need to have a chat"... rut-roh!! What the hell did they (the boys) do now?!

::Mind you, I'm a VERY snarky person.::
SW: "Is there a reason why Christopher comes to school everyday smelling like alcohol?"
Me: "Are you suggesting that my son downs a beer every morning before school?"
SW: "Well I'm not sure, you know how kids are these days."
Me: "He's 5. He's got a few more years before he picks up that habit"
SW: "Mrs. Wilcox, is there a problem in the home that we should be aware about."
Me: Well, yeah, there's all sorts of them. Currently my house smells like crap cause Trent here done took a dump before we left. You wanna come help me air out the house?"
SW: "Mrs. Wilcox, this is a serious matter. No need for the jokes right now."
Me: "Ah yes, it is serious isn't it. I'll tell you what serious though. Christopher's allergies. He has to take a nasal spray every morning to keep him from sneezing his snot all over everyone's clothes. By the way, nice jacket. Anyhoo, I'll gladly run back up to the house to get the spray to prove it to you that it really does smell like a brewsky."
SW: "Could you? Because that would help solve this problem."
He heh he heh he!!! Yeah, that was my morning. Explaining to someone that my 5yr old does not have a drinking problem, and that it's just his nasal spray! It's nice to see that PC employee's actually do their jobs though. What turned into a simple misunderstanding could have been a real problem. Ah, the joys of motherhood. :)

Sunday, November 1, 2009


Halloween was so much fun this year, despite that it was my ex's weekend to have the 2 older boys. I wanted to let them know that I was thinking of them, love them, and missed them, so Baby T and I made up some gift bags with coloring books, crayons, and candy, and took them over for C1 and C2... and since I'm just so nice, I made the ex's step-kids a bag too, and they all loved it!

As soon as it darkend up a little, we put Baby T's costume on and headed out the door for some Trick or Treating. Baby T had the most perfect costume this year, and everyone let us know! It seemed like every person that we walked by and TOT'd from was "OOOOOing and AWWWWWing" over him! Of course I'm a little biased, but yes, Baby T is the cutest little boy ever! Take a look:

We were only out for a little over an hour, but I can't believe the amount of candy this kid got!!! Mr. and I figured we'd help fight childhood obesity, so we'll indulge in the majority of it, but BT will get to enjoy some too.

Here's some more pics of our Halloween. Enjoy.

Friday, October 30, 2009

When Elmo Grows Up!

We took the boys to go see "When Elmo Grows Up" on Wednesday night. I don't know who was more excited to go, me, or the boys! It was a very fun little show, and Baby T was fascinated by it all. He thought that seeing a giant sized Elmo was freakishly awesome! Cookie Monster even came up our isle to say Hi!!

We ate popcorn and cotton candy by the loads, danced around in the isles, made friends with a few kids, bought some souvenirs, and got rained on by confetti. All-in-all, it was a fantastic night, and I would love to do it again!

Because of the chaos of all the confetti, we never did find out what Elmo wanted to be...

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

5hrs of pure hell, but... (supposed to post last night)

I finally got the boys cupcakes all finished. After my mishap this morning with the eggs, I returned home and dove right into the project. Thankfully Baby T was good today and only interrupted me twice... once for lunch and once because he...umm...filled his pants (right when I was elbow deep in batter). I got him all cleaned up and shipped off to bed for a nap, then returned to my kitchen where 50 cupcakes lined my counter top ready to be decorated. After about 2hrs into it all, it looked something like this:

Um, yeah, it doesn't look like it will ever end does it? That picture actually does no justice because all of the mess was on ME! After about 3hrs, it finally looked like I was getting somewhere:

Yes, those will be little vampire bats!

Around this time, General Hospital decided to aire, so I decorated half-way in the kitchen half-way in the living! I made many goof ups during this time because one of my favorite (and very sexy) actors was permanently replaced on the show, so I was really busy yelling at the screen at this new guy... and contemplated throwing a few cupcakes at him, but decided his ugly mug wasn't worth screwing up my adorable cupcakes.

Finally, after 5 really long hours, I got them all done. It was one of the most ridiculous projects I've ever done, but it was sooo worth it because they are the CUTEST cuppycakes I've ever seen!

My little munchkins are so excited to take these to school! I wish I would've gotten a pic of their faces when they saw these, because it was priceless! I love doing things like this for the kids, it makes me feel like I'm doing a really great job as a mom... and the kids love it too!