Wednesday, November 25, 2009

I guess I spoke too soon!

I finally got shit on!! I didn't get any sleep last night thanks to Mr. kicking and kneeing the crap out of me last night. Bad dream, no?! Finally around 1 a.m. I kicked him out and made him go sleep on the couch. Peace at last, only to wake up what seemed like 30 min later, to C2 telling me to wake up and make breakfast. GRRRR.... I love you child, but seriously, don't little boys your age like to sleep in... just a little?!
I dreadfully pull myself out of bed, make breakfast, change Baby T, grab my coffee and start my day. That's when it all went down-friggin-hill!!! First thing I had to do was call the doc and get a refill for C2's meds with Baby T at my hip screaming his head off for no apparent reason. That was fun. Then I had to get started on my chicken for tonight's dinner. A whole chicken. This recipe (I'll be posting this on Menu Monday) called for a skinless whole chicken. Great. So there I am tearing in to this poor chicken's skin and ripping it off, gagging the entire time. It was sickening! However, I did get a great chuckle out of it because I called for the boys to come in the kitchen and have a look at our dinner. C1 thought it was awesome, but C2 was scared shitless of the bird! Ha ha!! I'm such a mean mommy ;)
About a half hour into prepping my chicken, C1 comes to notify me that C2 had locked the bathroom door and shut it. AHHH! On my way back to the bathroom, I stepped on what I thought was juice from a leaky sippy cup, only to get down close to it and see that it is the gel stuff from the inside of a diaper. Yes, Baby T pulled all the wet stuffing out of his diaper. Wiskey. Tango. Foxtrot. Why me?!?
I get the door open, the get stuff vacuumed up, and get my chicken into the crockpot. As I'm cleaning up my disastrous, chicken fat smeared kitchen, I open the cabinet under the kitchen sink to get out some Clorox wipes, and my cabinet is full of stinky water! Forking sink is leaking everywhere! By this time I'm ready to rip all of my hair out and start screaming at the top of my lungs. I put in a call to the landlord only to find out that they *might* get here today, but it could possibly be Friday morning. Really?!? You WILL get here today, mmkay!!
Excuse me, gin? It's me, Madwoman.
...and all this happened before 10 a.m.

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